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Real Estate Web Graphics Ideas: Boost Your Website's Appearance and Ease of Use

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The internet is an ever-growing pool of content that continues to be a powerful tool in marketing today. The real estate industry is certainly no exception. And if you want your real estate website to stand out, you need to make sure it's visually appealing.

Here are two real estate web graphics ideas that can help boost your website's appearance and conversions.

Include a Map

People looking for real estate are often searching for properties in specific locations. They want to see what's available in the area they're interested in.

One real estate web graphic you can include on your site is a map. This could be a map of the city, state, or county that highlights different neighborhoods or areas. You could also include a more specific map showing all the properties available to make things even easier for your website visitors.

If you have a lot of real estate listings, this is a great way to help people find what they're looking for. People will appreciate having a rough idea of where your properties are located, eliminating all the legwork on their part. What's more, a map is an interactive way to show off listings. You can even use it as a real estate virtual tour of sorts, highlighting different properties as the user scrolls over them.

When you include a map on your real estate website, make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) so that website visitors know what to do next. A CTA could be something as simple as "click here to see all our listings" or "contact us for more information."

Make Use of Infographics

Infographics are a great real estate web graphic because they're visually appealing and can concisely convey a lot of information. Including them on your real estate website is a great way to engage website visitors and help them understand complex information.

For example, you could create an infographic showing average home prices in different neighborhoods or cities. This is a quick way for people to get an idea of what kinds of properties are available in their price range.

You could also use an infographic to show the different stages of the home-buying process. This is a great way to help people understand what they need to do and when they need to do it. Plus, it's a helpful real estate marketing tool that sets you apart from your competition.

When you're creating an infographic, make sure to use colors and images that are visually appealing. And, as with any real estate web graphic, be sure to include a CTA, so people know what to do next.

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