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Six Features Your Website Must Have To Show Good SEO Performance

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You may already have a website for your organization. However, your website might not have everything it needs to be successful in terms of SEO performance. A website won't rank well in search engine results if it doesn't include a few key features.

The following are six features your website must have to show good SEO performance. 

Header tags

Header tags serve an important purpose on your website pages. You need to insert header tags in your content so that you break it up. Content that is broken up by header tags is easier to read, and header tags also generally improve the appearance of each of your website pages.

Search engine algorithms can evaluate header presence and placement as a factor in determining rankings. 

Meta descriptions

If you want your website to perform well when it comes to SEO, you need to make sure that each of your website pages has a well-written meta description.

This meta description is important for attracting attention among search engine users. Your meta description is typically the first thing website visitors see about your company that attracts them to your website. 

Quality content

Content is a big factor that search engines look at to evaluate websites. The most important thing your content needs to be is unique. Your content can't appear anywhere else on the web, or it will really be harmful to your site's SEO.

Content also needs to be high quality and helpful to your potential customers. Customers will be more likely to do business with you if the content you offer is helpful to them.

Fast page loading speed

One SEO factor that it's easy to overlook is page loading speed. If your website takes forever to load when visitors come to your website, this is really going to hurt your SEO. The search engines will know that you have page loading speed issues, and they will therefore dock your ranking. 

Alt tags

Alt tags are the tags you use to explain what video content and images on your website are depicting. If you're not putting alt tags on your site's videos and images, your SEO performance will suffer. 

Links that work

One of the website errors that can be the most harmful to SEO rankings is having broken links on your website. Broken links are an indication to search engines that your website is not functioning properly and is not being maintained. 

Inspect your website to check for broken links periodically. If you find any broken links, make sure that they are fixed right away to avoid SEO consequences. 

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