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5 Mobile Marketing Solutions All Clients Should Know

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The world of mobile marketing services is rich with options. For many clients, especially those new to mobile marketing solutions, it can seem like a blur. You can simplify things a bit by focusing on the following 5 options everyone should be aware of.


If you're familiar with anything in the domain of mobile marketing, it's probably apps. Notably, apps aren't always the best marketing tools unless you can offer clear value to end-users. For example, Nike offers a run-tracking app that aligns nicely with its core athletic and shoe wear offerings.

A good rule of thumb is to judge how much your app replicates the functionality of your website. If a proposed app offers strong value in a way not seen on the site, then it may have a value proposition your target audience will care about.

Push Notifications

These are notices that send messages through a mobile device's operating system. If you've ever gotten a notice on your phone that you have a message on Facebook, for example, that is a mobile push notification. It's also possible to embed push notifications on a website. These are good for informing folks about deals, events, and other items of interest.


There are numerous ways to market through mobile platforms. Display ads on mobile apps and websites are among the most common. You also can create a search engine marketing campaign that's narrowly tailored to mobile customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter are also great places to target mobile device users.

QR Codes

If you've ever seen little squares on packages that use UPC-style codes, those are called QR codes. A user can point their phone's camera at a QR code and use it to get information about the product. Similar methods can be used to promote events, point people toward publicly available info, or even offer coupon codes.

Modern phones make it possible to use QR codes without additional third-party apps. For younger generations that are digital natives, this is often much easier than punching in a bunch of letters to find something with a web browser.

Text Messages

Opt-in marketing is a great way to hook folks up with offers. You can ask users to provide their phone numbers to receive notifications of events, coupons, offers, and other appealing items. Folks regularly check out SMS-based text messages from parties they trust and like, and that makes texts a high-return option as mobile marketing solutions go.