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4 Signs Your Website's Navigation Strategy Is Failing

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Websites are excellent marketing tools, but don't forget that they are also a primary source of information. Unfortunately, when consumers can't find the information they need on your site, they're more apt to return to the search engine and look for another company that offers similar services or products. Often, navigation issues are to blame for information disconnects.

1. Links Are Misleading

If the links on your site are misleading, you likely have navigation issues. Consider a company that sells custom baby clothing, for instance. A link titled what's new would lead the average user to assume the page includes details about new products, not details about company news. A page with this direction might be more appropriately titled our company. Users should know exactly what they're clinking on.

2. Lack of a Search Feature 

Any website that is comprised of more than a few pages should also include a search feature. A search feature is vital because it allows any user to type in the exact keywords they're looking for to gain immediate access to information. Even if you have clear links, a search engine is often a much faster method for information delivery. Make sure the search feature is in a highly visible location for the best result.

3. Pages Are Too Broad

Never limit the number of pages on your site; use as many as you need. When you limit pages, the content on each page becomes too broad. For example, a single page shouldn't include details about shipping, the company history, and upcoming events. Too much data on one page makes it harder for consumers to easily access exactly what they need quickly, which can be discouraging. Rely on strategies like cross-linking to categorize information on each page to keep the content focused.

4. Maintenance Is an Afterthought

If a website is not properly maintained, people that visit the site will have navigation issues. When there is a lack of maintenance, there is likely to also be a recurring issue with broken links. When a link is broken, there is no way to access the information you need. Even worse, if you sell products on your site, consumers might even be unable to complete transactions. Any professional website should be monitored regularly for any problems.

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