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Making An E-Commerce Website: What To Know

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If you're hoping to drop-ship or sell products you make yourself, your e-commerce site needs to be professional. With all the templates out there, you may think that you've got it made. However, templates are just the start of what you need to know about web development and user satisfaction. What web details should you consider?

1. Colors

The first thing customers will see on your site is the color palette you've chosen. This color palette should be relevant to your customers and your products. For instance, no one would trust a heavy metal music site decked out in pinks and light blues. Colors should also be chosen with readability in mind. Black backgrounds might seem appropriate, but check with possible customers about how well they can read the site that way. You might discover that a white or light background is better.

2. Text Flow

Walls of text not only bother the eyes but can repel prospective customers. Try to keep individual sentences brief. Separate paragraphs in a logical way. Above all, look for places where you can space out text and create a lot of "white space." This will make text easier for everyone to read and comprehend.

3. Load Times

Your site pages must load quickly, no matter how many pictures or text are on each page. Check with hosting companies to see which can guarantee the fastest load times and be judicious with your images and sound files so that pages can load without much delay.

4. Security

Because people will be giving you their payment information and address, you must be able to guarantee that you are doing everything to safeguard their details. Purchase a SSL certificate to encrypt their details and show that your site is legitimate. Check how your hosting company is handling information storage in the cloud and overall security issues.

5. Use on Different Devices

Many customers will be using a small tablet or their smartphone to peruse your site and to eventually make purchases. If your website doesn't have the capability to render perfectly on different phones and tablets, you'll be losing sales. You need to test your site on various devices and ensure that anyone trying to see your website can do so easily.

With these suggestions, your e-commerce website can be created and improved. However, if these details seem complicated or time-consuming, contact a local website development service. With your direction, they can easily deliver a fully functional site that will attract customers.