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5 Things Your Website Should Have to Offer Customers

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When you have a website for your customers to peruse, there are certain things that you should make sure your website contains. Here are five of those important elements.

1. Easy navigation is a must

When someone loads your website, they want to go to the information they are looking for without needing to click on a lot of pages that have nothing to do with the information they need. Your website should tell visitors about your company and what it does on the home page. This way, people are going to know right away that the services you offer are what they are looking for. Your home page should also have tabs that are easily seen and that clearly define where they go. For example, the tabs can say "contact us," "our prices," and other things that cover your company.

2. Good colors keep people reading longer

The colors your website uses can make the difference between a person deciding to stay on the site longer or clicking off right away and looking for another company. For example, some companies try to be different by having a black background with a white font. However, this is very hard on the eyes and can chase away customers, which is the opposite of what you want to do.

3. Fast loading prevents people from closing the page

While some nice graphics can add to your page, too many of them can cause your site to load so slowly that the person clicks off. The technology of today has led to people wanting instant access to just about everything, and this means your slow site can cause it to crash and burn when it comes to bringing in more business you.

4. Good content will keep people reading

If someone comes to your site and the first thing that they want to notice is all of the misspelled words and grammar issues, then they aren't going to think of your company as one that does good work. It's important to offer well-put-together content that flows, is unique, and is informative.

5. A good "about us" page can make customers feel comfortable

If you have an "about us" page that gives the person visiting your site a good amount of information on the company, then they can feel more connected to your company. When a person feels a connection to your company, they are more likely to choose it over others.

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