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Four Tips For Creating An Effective Small Business Commercial

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If you are looking to expand the clientele of your small business, you may want to branch out from online marketing and film a commercial. You can use the commercial footage not only on television, but also on your website and social media sites. People who do not read or respond well to text may be drawn into the video media and consider hiring your business. But how do you go about filming an effective commercial? Here are a few tips.

1. Hire a videographer who knows your industry.

There are plenty of excellent videographers out there, but someone who may be great at filming a commercial for a vet clinic may not film as amazing a commercial for a florist shop. Reach out to other local businesses in your industry and see who they have used as a videographer. You want someone who knows your industry since they will be more familiar with which aspects of your business to focus on and what footage to film.

2. Include your people.

People who buy from local businesses often do so because that want to support local people. So, you want to emphasize the local aspect of your business in the commercial. Make it personal. Include footage of yourself speaking or performing the services you offer and ask some of your employees -- if you have employees -- to be in the commercial, too. 

3. Keep it simple.

You do not need a big, flashy commercial to attract attention. Overly dramatic music and trying to pack too much information into the commercial will just take away from your message. So, narrow down what your message is and then design a simple commercial that gives that message -- without over-complicating it. You do not need to include every aspect of your business in the commercial. Just include contact info at the bottom of the screen for people who want to learn more.

4. Appeal to a wide audience.

You may have some assumptions about who your customers are. For instance, if you own a running store, you may assume most of your customers are young males and middle-aged females. But that does not mean your commercial should only appeal to these people! Create a commercial that appeals to a wide audience; you may end up capturing a new demographic and expanding your business clientele.

Follow the tips above, and your commercial should do a great job of drawing attention to your business. For more information, contact a local videography company like Starnes Digital