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Is Your Law Firm Making These Online Marketing Mistakes?

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Regardless of how well-known your law firm is, if you do not have a solid online presence, you could still miss out on potential clients. Therefore, it is important to carefully plan your firm's online marketing. It is important to avoid many of the marketing mistakes that other firms make. To help you do that, here are a few online marketing mistakes that are preventable.

Mistake #1 Underestimating the Importance of Keywords

Keywords help to drive traffic to your law firm's website. When potential customers search online for legal services, they enter specific words to narrow their choices. If you are not using keywords, the amount of traffic that your site sees could be dramatically reduced.

Finding the right keywords takes research. Determine what people are searching for and pay attention to what your competitors are using to pull traffic. If you find the right combination of keywords, you can attract solid leads that could lead to an increase in your clientele.

Mistake #2 Rejecting the Idea of a Blog

Some law firms are against having a blog because they do not want to give away free legal advice. Although that is understandable, the benefits of having a blog far outweigh the negatives. A blog gives potential clients a sample of what they can expect from your firm. They also help to narrow down your firm's specialization so that you receive more qualified leads.

Your blog posts need to be useful content, but you do not have to provide step-by-step explanations for how to deal with legal matters. You want to provide just enough information to intrigue the reader and entice them to contact your firm.

Mistake #3 Using Too Many Stock Images

Stock images are a solid way to add some points of interest to your website. However, if you are using too many stock images, your firm can be far less memorable and potential customers will have difficulty distinguishing between your firm and others.

If you do use stock images, keep them limited. You should also include images of the lawyers and other staff at your firm. For instance, an image of an attorney meeting with clients is far more effective than a stock image of a gavel or courthouse.

There are other online marketing mistakes that could impact your firm's visibility online. Working with a attorney marketing company can help you find identify a strategy to improve your firm's online presence so that your firm can attract the attention that you want and need.